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So here we are. Made it to the end of February. It does seem to have rushed by even though there was an extra day tagged on this year. Perhaps that’s because January goes on forever – all those bills to pay and the end of the month just so far away. OK, so it is still winter but you would hardly believe it. Sunshine streaming in my window as I write this. The entire garden ready to burst into flower and the lawns desperate for their first cut. I did actually see someone mowing their lawn on the 11th February and it was such a pleasure to hear the dawn chorus for the first time this year at 06.30 this month. As usual, we’ve been bombarded with extremes – even the storms are now given names. Cant for the life of me understands the reasoning behind that – perhaps it’s believed that by ‘humanising’ them, they’re less terrifying; doesn’t work for me!!


I expect like me you’re very pleased not to be worrying about getting that settee in time for Christmas; instead the advertisers are hounding us with adverts for holidays and new cars. Half of me feels that it must pay dividends. After all, I’m sure that advertising is expensive but then again, when do we reach saturation point. Certainly with TV advertising, I use those ‘gaps’ to do something positive, always remembering that sitting for too long isn’t that good. Unless, of course, I’ve nodded off, especially if it’s been a busy day.


However, there’s still some wonderful entertainment on TV. I just so admire all the celebs who are doing something special for Sport Relief. I see that one Blue Peter presenter is at this moment attempting to cross the Irish Sea in what can only be described as a hamster wheel. It’s an enclosed bubble so she’s really walking. If she is successful, it will take 12 hours. Now that’s what I call a real celebrity.


One event during the month comes under the heading of happy and sad. Because of a change in her personal circumstances, my daughter now works full time and has had to rehome her lovely French bulldog, Bert. We have all been desperately upset and sad but it’s a happy ending for the lovely Bert who was becoming very withdrawn and distracted being left on his own for so many hours. My daughter is struggling but her decision shows how much she loves that lovely boy. I miss him too.


February saw a continuation of my fight with the world of gadgetry. January saw me wrestling with my desktop computer, microwave, washing machine and shower radio. In February, the number of assaults was less – the landing light got the twitch, my house telephone failed but most importantly my DVD player (which was at least 100 years old!!) just stopped. Of course, that was replaced at speed – I rely on it for my Move It DVD workouts. Unfortunately, dear reader, I’m afraid it’s resulted in another poetic gem.




I thought the battle I had won

It seems that it had just begun

My desktop’s back

It’s good as new

It’s been rebuilt

So it must be true

But sometimes I am still beset

“You’re not connected to the Net”

The screen announces as the start

I feel a sinking of the heart

Then I remember how I’ve grown

A technobabe is how I’m known

Ah yes, the modem I’ll reset

But nowhere with that do I get

Check input, output, fuse and lead

And don’t forget the wireless feed

Keep fighting on I know I’ll win

To give up now would be a sin

Electrically, I’m ten feet tall

Just switch the thing off at the wall!!


Although March is crammed with Awareness Days concerning illnesses, I’ve chosen the 6th March which is Mothering Sunday with religious and historical links. No – not ‘Mother’s Day’. Mothering has an entirely different meaning and although I will be remembering my own Mother, I would like to believe that mothering is a verb and not a noun; it’s probably something we do during the year. I think we all know someone who needs mothering in some way or another.


And then we had the four yearly event of the 29th February. Apparently, leap year is to adjust the calendar to keep it aligned with the seasons. If this wasn’t done, then I understand that in about 750 years’ time, June would be in the middle of winter so it makes sense (I think).


I’m looking forward to March and the joy of more daylight, warmer days and a return to gardening joys. Just hope that there isn’t a final sting in winter’s tail!

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