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Oh dear – such a weary and sad world so let’s keep cheerful if we can and focus on the positive side of life. Having written that, I have to just put a few words here concerning the tragedy in Tunisia. On 3rd July, there was a one minute silence in remembrance of those who died. I was in a local shopping centre and, along with hundreds of other folk, stood in silence when the time arrived. It was a moving experience – strangers bound together only for a moment. We all seemed to be waiting to hear something. It was an imaginary linking of arms in a strange way. Perhaps the world would benefit from fewer speeches and more silences – who can say.

It’s been quite a July I can tell you with Move It or Lose It featuring large! Firstly, on 11th I was privileged (along with Trish my pal) to act as a class member. Julie had invited us along to the Instructors’ Final Practical Assessment Day where a further eleven students were to be tested on their abilities and shows how the Move It empire is growing apace. These lovely ladies had come from far and wide – Cambridgeshire, Lancaster, Shropshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, 2 from Hampshire, Kent, Neath Port Talbot, London and Essex: thus the net spreads.

Where she finds the time and energy I have no idea but further good news from Julie. She has been chosen for the Entrepreneurial Spark Business Accelerator programme. This was following a Dragon’s Den type pitch and interview – I can imagine that the Board couldn’t help but have been impressed by her passion and the importance of her work. She now has 6 months free office space in Birmingham and advice/mentoring to help further growth in this wonderful organisation. Congratulations Julie and the team!! It’s just so good to be a spectator and participant in this story.

It seemed to me that time had flown with so much happening so I thought it would be interesting to have a chat with Julie to pin down the story so far. Julie always has time for everyone and everything so, in the middle of this frenetic day, I asked her some questions. Tricia and I first met Julie in 2005 when we replied to an advertisement asking for exercisers to come along with a view to being part of a DVD. The movement started with just one class a week. With hard work by Julie and her team, demand grew and now more than 6,000 class members exercising each week which shows that the need and demand for this kind of class continues to grow. 5 DVDs, 1 CD and 1 book have added to the armoury of this important movement.

One of the highlights of my July was, of course, Wimbledon. Oh the agonies and drama but always exciting. The climax was the men’s final and, with the best seat in the house (my lounge), there I sat with a tray containing strawberries and cream, scones and jam and tea: feet up and shoes off: the height of civilised living!! The day was warm, the windows were open and I reminded myself of my good fortune in every part of my life.

Being entirely selfish I have chosen Left Handers Day which is 13th August this year. Those of you who are also members of this ‘club’ will probably all have stories to tell about being special. It’s good to know that there are so many more utensils etc. available now and that we are recognised properly. However, many years ago I had a career which required me to write with a fountain pen using permanent ink. I was able to get a left-handed nib for my pen from a source in London – the only supplier of its kind. This made life so much easier. There are several theories why we have a special place in society. Certainly when the Romans invaded, their marching was carried out to the words ‘sinistre’ ‘dextre’; sinister being Latin for left and dextre being their word for right. In English, it became sinister and dextrous. I rest my case.

I visited a local market town with my daughter Sarah and we treated ourselves to tea and a toasted teacake at a wonderful cafe called ‘The Larder’. It is totally 1940’s. During the war, I was a child living in London so it brought back all sorts of memories. I was able to embarrass my daughter by singing all the songs being played – even remembering the words; long term memory theory proved yet again. Meals were being served on tin plates and the waitresses had their hair in snoods. I will definitely be returning!!

I was lucky enough to be part of a friend’s surprise 75th birthday celebration. With considerable research skills, the rest of the family had gathered together almost 100 of her family and friends. I have never seen Val speechless in all the years I have known her but on that day; she just couldn’t find the words. Isn’t it important to keep in touch with family and friends? Even the occasional phone call will help to maintain a link.

So here we are, congratulating ourselves on having fought our way successfully through yet another month, so pats on the back all round. Keep going fellow Movers!!!! Hope your August is sunny in every way.

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