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Well, what about that then? An earthquake during the night of the 22nd!! I remember a similar experience some years ago in the Midlands – again during the night (why is that I wonder?) and it really was frightening.

However, it does reflect a bit of an explosive month for me (nothing new there). I think what happens is that as the lighter and warmer days come along, we aren’t so inclined to shut the day down as early as we do when its dark and cold so early in the day. Added to that, I really am all “ birthdayed out”; my twin daughters Sarah and Rachael on the 10th, mine on the 16th (hooray – made it to another one), granddaughter Harriet on the 20th and step granddaughter Jo on the 28th. Mine certainly started in style on the 13th with my Move It friend, Trish, at lunch – with cake of course. There was even a celebration cake after tap dancing and my final treat was lunch with another friend on the 22nd. All that cake; can you imagine, so some serious DVD workouts are taking place here every morning. Thanks to Julie for rescuing what remains of my waistline!!

My son-in-law Steve took me to the National Memorial Arboretum which is reasonably near to where we live. The occasion was to lay flowers at the memorial to his old regiment, R.E.M.E., specially remembering the current celebrations on the ending of WW2. It’s a remarkable place where it’s possible to walk for miles in solitude even though hundreds of people are there; so many memorials to all the different services involved in the sadness of war. It certainly doesn’t glorify but makes sure that we don’t forget all those who didn’t survive in spite of the outcomes.

My spare room has now been redecorated and redecored. Such a fun job except that I don’t think my cat took kindly to the fact that that bedroom door ended up leaning against the wall in my bedroom. I confess that I did have to get a grip too when I woke the next morning. Felt a bit like Alice in one of her weird dreams. Still playing with the accessories and all that goes with a new room. Anyway, I used all the upheaval as an excuse not to clean upstairs properly which was excellent!!

My heart goes out to all those students who are wrestling with school exams at the moment. I can remember my own school exam experiences –even after all this time. Seems we remember the best and worst of times more clearly than any other as time goes by. Not sure how that works but it’s a salutary experience for me. Those young people certainly get my vote of sympathy. Mustn’t forget the teachers either who are doing their best to support students through this period.

On the subject of school and learning etc. I volunteer at a local primary school and work with children aged 5 and 6. Still struggling with reading and writing, these little’ns are whizz kids when they are asked to get their tablets out. I thought at first this referred to either medication or energy providers. I was astonished at the sophisticated levels they have reached on these pieces of electronic magic. Not wishing to look more stupid than was absolutely necessary, I now have a tablet of my own (still not sure why it’s thus named). I am astonished at its versatility – everything from the daily papers to books etc. Mine is loaded with word games which keep me challenged. Now armed with mobile ‘phone, desk top computer and tablet, I’m ready to take on all comers. The bad news is that it inspired another poem so apologies for the following;


Love it, hate it – I’m not sure

That one eyed monster has allure

With face book, twitter, emails too

Oh where to start and what to do

I’m hypnotised there is no doubt

But just what is it all about

I’m mesmerised, I’m in a jam

It’s getting worse cos now there’s spam!

Just stop it now, slow down you lot

To send me mad must be the plot

I only want my pen and ink

I need a bit more time to think

Ipad and tablet on we go

Faster and faster, not slower and slow

To give up now would be a sin

I’ll just push on until I win

I’ve chosen 14th June for my Awareness date which is National Blood Donor Day. I did some research and the facts are astonishing. It was started in 1921 when a group of Red Cross workers volunteered to be the first to donate. With over 107 million units donated world-wide, 14th June is a day for celebrating and giving thanks. This is yet another example of volunteers supporting us – how could we manage without them?

So look out June – here we come; suntan cream and all (fingers crossed).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][mk_padding_divider size=”40″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-book” title=”Read more of Ann’s monthly natter ” text_size=”16″ font_weight=”inherit” read_more_url=”” style=”simple_minimal” icon_size=”small” rounded_circle=”false” icon_location=”left” circled=”false” icon_color=”#005cb9″ icon_circle_color=”#005cb9″ box_blur=”false” margin=”30″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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