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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ann-with-bandSo that’s May been and gone. A lot of it has been taken up with meeting friends and an absolute birthday fest; five family members, my daughters Sarah and Rachael, me, my granddaughter Harriet, my step-granddaughter Jo (who decided to celebrate by doing a parachute jump!!) along with two friends. We went out for a family meal – it’s just so lovely to get everyone together. Think I must have achieved some kind of record – so much cake eaten in so little time. My special surprise gift from my daughters was a visit to the ballet. Odd that I wrote about the magic of dance last time but this was something different. Matthew Bourne’s take on The Lord of the Flies – very contemporary. I loved it. Of course, we didn’t take cake to the theatre so we made up for it with ice-cream. Oh dear, it looks as though I may have to cope with withdrawal symptoms in June. I’ll let you know how I get on next month.

I managed to get to see my old neighbours from over twenty years ago. Although we have both moved on, now living quite a distance apart, it was wonderful to reminisce about old times. They were very good to me at a time when I needed every bit of support I could muster and I make sure I keep in touch with all the people who are part of the mosaic of my life; a phone call or email will do just to keep the link. Don’t you feel better after a bit of a natter? I know I do.

While on that subject, I am still in touch with some of the girls (yes, we are STILL girls!) who I worked with on reception at a local leisure centre. September sees the fortieth anniversary of the opening of that sports hall. Some of us still meet regularly for coffee every six weeks or so but we are planning a grand reunion for September. Not sure how or if it will actually happen. Lots of staff such as sports supervisors are scattered now – it’s going to be quite a task but I am hoping that we will be successful. Again, I remember how my fellow receptionists supported me through a difficult time.

Did anyone see (and laugh at) a programme on ITV called ‘Off Their Rockers’? Just six half-hourly shows with mature actors and actresses playing jokes on unsuspecting members of the public. I was so sorry when the series came to an end. I would love to be in something like that. It proves that age is just a number and isn’t a barrier in loads of ways.

I’m sure you will have known that 14th to 25th May was ‘Be Nice to Nettles Week’ – yes, I know, I can hardly believe it either! I like the look of National Smile Month – 19 May to 19 June. I always make a point of smiling at people who work in banks, post office, shops etc. I spent some years in contact with the public as part of my career – it’s surprising how much a smile is appreciated. Mind you, I also never hesitate to complain when I feel the need but that seems to be getting less these days. Perhaps I am becoming less fiery and more mellow with age – a bit like cheese!!

I’m not going to whinge about the weather except to say we seem to have had all the seasons in one month. 17 May, the date of my visit to the ballet was wonderfully hot. I wore a long flowing summer dress – it helped to make the day perfect. And here I am today, back in my thermals. My lovely cat, Jaffa, has taken to his bed in a big way as has Mrs Cook, Hayley and Jo’s who I am caring for this week while Jo is busy hurling herself out of a ‘plane. Gardening is on hold at the moment but I am focussed on a turf-laying project so am poised waiting for a chance to get back to my element of choice – gardening – and bringing life to my little bit of paradise. Look after yourselves whatever the weather throws at us and keep on moving it!




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