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Ann embraces autumn!

Hope you’ve had a good month.  On the whole, the weather’s been kind even though I’ve had the heating on during some evenings.  The freezer’s full of all the lovely fresh garden produce I’ve been given and grown.  I just wash and blanche and pack into pound bags (yes, I still can’t get to grips with anything other than the weights and measures I grew up with!)  Something satisfying about stocking up for the winter.  I expect it’s got something to do with our past, long before fridges and freezers had ever been thought of.  Actually, that’s not so long ago.  I can remember, in summers gone past, my Mum would dig a hole in the garden in the shade and in it would go a bucket filled with cold water and a bottle of milk.  A cold towel would go over the top and that was how we managed to keep the milk fresh for a day. In the evenings, the milk that had gone sour was made into cream cheese.  Of course, we also had a marble slab in the pantry and a meat safe which was a wooden box with mesh wire in the door in the front.  Because all our food was made fresh every day, nothing ever went to waste.  Seems extraordinary to think of it now.  The world has tumbled forward at such a pace, I’ve decided to just trundle along and enjoy myself as I go in my own time.

Love to start with good news.  Our Julie has been shortlisted and is now in the final of Midlands Women in Tech Awards. There is no-one who deserves it more.  She’ll always be a winner to us, come what may. And more good news.  For raising over £1 million for Breast Cancer Now, she had received the Woman and Home magazine Amazing Women Award for Going the Extra Mile for Charity.  There’s just no stopping her.

On the 5th, I saw a wonderful film at my film club.  It was called ‘Breathe’.  There are so many reasons why I enjoyed it.  Firstly, it was a BBC production and they are usually good.  It was a true story and the director was the son of the main character.  I remember the years in which the film took place.  In the 1950’s there was an epidemic of polio.  The main character became ill and at that time, all such patients were hospitalized and relied on an iron lung to survive.  His wife fought hard to find a way to have her husband at home and it was because of her determination that mobile devices were developed.  Her husband lived for many years at home because of her work although he was paralyzed.  This brought back memories for me.  I remember one of my class mates at school had been afflicted, the rumour being that he had caught it at the local swimming baths.  As I’ve said before, I often can’t remember what the day is but my memories of the past are crystal clear.  I wonder how that works?

10th was a good day.  Back to tap dancing after a 2 month summer break but it was a bit of a shock, not only trying to remember a fast routine but to discover, within a few days, that I had some aching muscles.  Just goes to show its horses for courses and different movements use different muscles.  I’m not sure why you need to know this but there are 650 muscles in the human body.  Anyway, the Move It words came to mind yet again!  On the same subject, it seems that my tap shoes are almost worn out.  I’ve tried to get them repaired and it’s become apparent that I’m going to have to buy some news ones.  It brought back more old memories of the days when most high streets had a genuine cobbler who could work miracles with any footwear.  There is such a shop in my local town but even he shook his head when I showed him my shoes.  Just wonder how many miles I’ve ‘tapped’ in them.

The 11th was the monthly U3A meeting and the guest speaker was fascinating.  He had been an RAF helicopter pilot and, following the end of his service, took up the role of chief helicopter pilot to the Sultan of Oman.  He was a wonderful speaker and, together with pictures, told us of his amazing life style and the extraordinary experiences he had taking VIP’s from all over the world to various meetings.  He described in detail the palaces, the sumptuous decors and a world where nothing was too expensive.  He has now finished his contract and is working with the police as a helicopter pilot.  He has been invited back next year to recount more stories.  It’s bound to be good.

Emma, our new Move It class instructor is handing over to Juliet this week.  Emma’s doing so well with other parts of her keep fit world, with 2 children under the age of 5, that she’s handing over to Juliet.  However, it’s not goodbye to Emma – just adieu and. She’ll be backstop which is a nice thought. And a warm welcome to Juliet.  Can’t have too many lovely people in the Move It family.

For Awareness for October, I’ve chosen 26th which is a Saturday when the clocks go back.  Actually, officially, its 02.00 on Sunday morning but I expect, like me, you’ll be doing the chore on the Saturday night.  Again, it used to be so easy with only manual clocks and gadgets. Now, it seems necessary to have a degree in technology.  I still can’t get to grips with the car clock but I think the car’s too clever by half anyway!!!  I shall plead insanity and get my neighbour to tackle that for me.  I’m very fortunate to have wonderful neighbours.  Their cat spends a lot of time with mine and I care for him when they go on holiday.  I call him my Estates Manager.  He’s a real handyman and they are so pleased to have their cat loved and cared for, I don’t mind asking him for help if I need to.

So, best foot forward for October.  Darker nights, colder days but do we care?  Absolutely not!  It’s one month nearer to lighter nights and warmer days if you care to look at it that way.



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  • You have such an interesting life Anne, and it is a pleasure to read of your many doings!
    I feel more cheerful after reading your articles. It is amazing how we have adapted to the changes since we were young. I was a small child in the 1950s and remember how cold the house was unless you got a seat by the fire! It really is a marvel.
    Thanks and all good wishes,

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