“I am so pleased to have found an exercise DVD that I can do and that I enjoy. I follow the seated exercise routine every evening and look forward to seeing the familiar faces on the DVD. It makes me feel like I’m part of their family and gives me great comfort. Julie is so encouraging and her warm personality really helps me to keep moving. I can honestly recommend that other people give it a try as it’s really helped me.” Mrs Selmon, Middlesex

“I’m an 81 year old man who has suffered with a damaged right knee for over 50 years and the only exercise I did was a bit of walking with a slight limp. After attending Move it or Lose it! classes I am now able to walk a lot better and also lift my leg from the floor without any pain, discomfort or help from my left foot. I cannot recommend it enough for people who are getting a little stiff in the joints!” PHF of Streetly

“I’ve just watched your DVD1, which I purchased the other day for my 87-year-old mother-in-law. I was extremely impressed with the quality of Julie’s coaching, and also the range of exercises themselves, which were well thought out for the intended audience. Julie has a very pleasant manner and voice, and her group are a good mix of older people who can be related to as ‘real’ people.
I also thought the short introductory sections before each set of exercises reminding people to take it easy/only do as much as you can, etc., was pitched just at the right level. This is a wonderful concept, and I’ll have no hesitation whatsoever in purchasing your other DVDs – for my mother-in-law AND myself!” Marie, Stirlingshire

“I am amazed at how helpful the ‘sit to stand’ exercise is. I keep practising and yesterday when I was getting out of the car I did it without any knee pain, which can only be due to your exercise as I haven’t done anything else differently. I was getting ready to wince with pain and it didn’t hurt a bit, so it is working already.” I Rogers

“Our Move it or Lose it! night has between 13-20 residents attending and is hugely popular and, Jim is 90 and has not been able to get out of his chair unaided for 7 years HE CAN NOW and he loves to demonstrate it to other residents.Your DVDs have really given older people a new lease of life it is like watching a miracle happening before my eyes so thank-you very much.” Louise Summers, West Yorkshire

“This is a great DVD. An excellent product well worth the money. I have used this in the social group I volunteer with a least twice and it got the thumbs up. Easy to follow and very clear instructions. Good fun for all!” Karen

“Arrived very quickly and we as a group are very very satisfied with the DVD. The exercises are easy to do and are demonstrated very well. Young or older age groups can use this DVD and the lady is clear and concise in her instructions. The video also explains about any medical conditions that you may have and discusses options to reduce the risks in terms of the exercises.A number of people with different age ranges and medical conditions tried out the exercises and everyone found it easy to do. All in all a very good video, split into various sections so you can skip certain exercises if you wish. It is British made and very well done.” L Nasby

“I’ve spent my life avoiding exercise, now I can’t get enough!”
Marilyn, Sutton Coldfield

Before knee replacement surgery – “My daughter bought me your video from her doctors surgery two weeks ago. I find the exercises very good and have so far done them every day. I am waiting for knee surgery at the moment… since doing the exercises l have less pain, am able to walk minus the stick, l really am surprised and delighted with the result.” And after surgery – “l had my knee replacement surgery on 3rd Feb and was able to come home on 9th Feb with just the aid of a walking stick. I am convinced that all the exercises l undertook before going into hospital gave me this result. I walk unaided in the house and have already taken two short walks out of the home with just the stick without any effort at all. Keep up the good work!” Maureen, Leicester

“I have lymphoedema in both legs and was looking for a set of exercises that would help circulation without too much strain being put on the joints.I have recommended the DVD to other lymphoedema sufferers.” Sheila, Hants

“The residents association sit together in the community lounge & do their exercises en masse some of the more able supporting those with greater needs. They have been enjoying the DVD…there are about 8 of them currently taking part, but it has proved a real hit as a new activity to keep them active.” Yardley Great Trust

“I think it is great and my mom has recently used it at home with my dad. Mom has had an operation and couldn’t come to a class so it was good to get dad doing it at home with her. I think it is a great DVD and will recommend it to others.”
Mel, Dudley

“I bought the DVD for my mother who lives in semi warden controlled accommodation. My mother (80) and her 8 neighbours use the DVD every week for their weekly exercise session, their ages range from 75-93 and they get enormous enjoyment and benefit from it. If you release a further DVD let me know!” Janice, Erdington

“I have Multiple Sclerosis and when I first started I couldn’t stand up, now I can! I can do knee bends and transfer my weight from side to side. This has given me so much confidence.” Mary, Wishaw

“I had to give up keep fit due to an injury to my foot. It is lovely to be able to exercise without having to stand. It has given me back my ability of movement, thank you” Carol, New Oscott

“The tenants in my sheltered housing scheme are really enjoying this routine which is ideal for the over 60s. Good variety of exercises to music with health and safety guidance. I would recommend to anyone that wants to have a seated exercise class within sheltered housing.” Jayne, Milton Keynes

“My mum had an operation and her general fitness suffered. She’d never exercised before but found this DVD a really good way of gently getting back into moving her limbs. Even her friends come round to join in with it now. Sounds good to me. Thank you!” Sarah, Suffolk