Expert opinion on Move it or Lose it! DVDs

“Many older adults know that it is important to keep physically active to stay healthy in old age, but are unsure which exercises are most helpful. The Move it or Lose it! team have worked with exercise physiologists to put together a series of easy to follow exercises that will help to maintain musculoskeletal function and importantly can be done in your own home.”

Professor Janet Lord

‘We don’t believe that ill health should be an inevitable part of growing old. By understanding what happens to our immune system as we age, we want to break that link between ageing and illness. You could say we want to ensure people enjoy a long healthy life and a short death.’

Professor Lord’s research focuses on understanding our immune system in sickness and in health. She is particularly interested in why our immune system deteriorates as we age making us more susceptible to infections such as pneumoina. However, this interest in immune function extends into developing treatments for a range of diseases that involve the ageing immune system, particularly chronic inflammatory disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis).

Professor Lord is a member of the Research Advisory Council of Research into Ageing, she is also a member of the BBSRC Healthy Organism Strategy panel and their Ageing Working Group. She is a member of the MRC Lifelong Health and Wellbeing panel and is an Independent Observer to grants panels for the European Commission. Director of the MRC-ARUK Centre of Excellence for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research.

To find out more about Professor Lord and her research into the immune system or the 1,000 Elders group at University of Birmingham go to: