It is vital to keep active and exercise at any age – the benefits are amazing.
Even if you do just ten minutes, twice a day, it can help.

Joining an exercise class is a great option especially as it’s an opportunity to socialise and make friends, however exercise classes for older people are not always available or accessible.  Move it or Lose it! exercise DVDs bring the class into your living room so you can workout at your convenience and build up muscle tone, flexibility and confidence.

Here are some of the benefits of Move it or Lose it! exercise DVDs:

  • regular exercise can help with stress, depression, sleep problems and anxiety
  • weight bearing exercise can help strengthen bones and help with osteoporosis
  • exercise can help with weight loss and tone up muscles
  • exercise can help with poor posture and back pain
  • exercise can help with arthritis
  • seated exercise allows people with breathing problems or COPD to keep fit
  • exercise leads to a healthier heart and can help reduce high blood pressure
  • exercise can reduce the risk of some cancers

All of which are vital to ensure we live life to the full, maintain independence and feel fit for life

Before you begin read our safety message which is included on all our DVDs:

It’s wise to check with your doctor before exercising especially if you are not used to activity or if you suffer from any illness, injury or medical problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or have joint or back problems. Be safe while you exercise – use a sturdy upright chair without arms and wear sensible shoes. Also, wear comfy clothes and make sure the room is ventilated and not too warm. Avoid exercising if you feel unwell including when suffering from a cold or flu. Take it steady at first – start slowly and gradually build up. Stop exercising if you experience chest pain, dizziness or have trouble breathing. If a particular movement causes you pain then reduce the intensity or range or leave it out completely. If pain persists then check with your doctor.