What do people say who attend our classes?

“A million thanks for ALL you do for US. You make it so enjoyable and it is so beneficial. Take a bow!” Yvonne, Sutton Coldfield

“I have fibromyalgia and the classes have helped me to keep moving. The instructor is happy for us to go at our own pace which means I do not feel embarrassed and I will continue to go as long as I can.  If these classes were available in hospitals there would be less people taking up beds.” Brenda, Birmingham

I’m an 81 year old man who has suffered with a damaged right knee for over 50 years and the only exercise I did was a bit of walking with a slight limp. After attending Move it or Lose it! classes I am now able to walk a lot better and also lift my leg from the floor without any pain, discomfort or help from my left foot. I cannot recommend it enough for people who are getting a little stiff in the joints!” PHF of Streetly

I have Multiple Sclerosis and when I first started I couldn’t stand up, now I can! I can do knee bends and transfer my weight from side to side. This has given me so much confidence.” Mary, Wishaw

I’ve spent my life avoiding exercise, now I can’t get enough!” Marilyn, Sutton Coldfield 

I am amazed at how helpful the ‘sit to stand’ exercise is. I keep practising and yesterday when I was getting out of the car I did it without any knee pain, which can only be due to your exercise as I haven’t done anything else differently. I was getting ready to wince with pain and it didn’t hurt a bit, so it is working already.” I Rogers

Our Move it or Lose it! night has between 13-20 residents attending and is hugely popular and, Jim is 90 and has not been able to get out of his chair unaided for 7 years HE CAN NOW and he loves to demonstrate it to other residents.Your DVDs have really given older people a new lease of life it is like watching a miracle happening before my eyes so thank-you very much.” Louise Summers, West Yorkshire

I had to give up keep fit due to an injury to my foot. It is lovely to be able to exercise without having to stand. It has given me back my ability of movement, thank you” Carol, New Oscott